Food Programming

We eat what we eat because of programming which becomes instinctual even to our demise.

If you were programmed at some point in your life to eat wrong you will always eat wrong until you change the programming which changes your instincts and allows you to say “Yes” to the right things and “No” to the shit we don’t need.  (or …the things we shouldn’t eat a lot of)…

photo (17)Because, my thinking is that what you and I eat shouldn’t be all complicated and stuff it should be instinctual…

You see, think about it…

Most people “know” in their mind to only have 1 alcoholic beverage but have 8 because something else drives them to have more…

Most people “know” not to eat an extra slice of Apple Pie but eat another one anyway.

Most people “know” to order the small size but get the extra large.

Most people “know” to skip the bread sticks but ask for seconds.

The problem, it’s necessarily a “knowledge” problem.  Knowledge abounds.  There are food guru’s everywhere, yet as a nation you couldn’t tell.

People “know” one thing yet do another.

I will telly you that you don’t necessarily need a “food expert” to tell you what and when to eat.

When was that ever done in all of human history?

How then, has “what we eat” gotten complicated?

Bottom line is that what you eat or don’t eat can be wrecking your health and your happiness.  Simple choices and decisions here and there all add up.

You may need to re-train your instincts…that’s good news because with the right type of assignments and training you can re-program your body to crave the right things, to choose the right things, then you Win.

Easy enough…

We are an overweight-diabetic nation, lets reverse it…shall we?

Ponder the idea and stay tuned as we dive into this subject and topic.

-David Anderson Jr

-Collard Greens (onions, water, amino acids, evoo, pepper)
-Tofurkey Italian Sausage (30g Protein!)
-Salmon Sushi (rice, sesame seeds, sea weed, avocado, creme cheese, soy sauce)
-Pickled ginger

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