Ankle Business

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Ankle Business.

The ability for the ankle to move through a full range of motion is normal for humans.

However, we humans get into things..this-or-that’s that cause our ankles & the lower leg muscle-tendon-ligament system some trauma.

There are numerous possible reasons for this…could be that you never take your ankle through a full range of motion, or that you wear shoes with a heal.  Or that when you walk, you walk with your feet pointed slightly out.  Or, it could be that you are a runner and your ankles have adapted to the running by getting “tighter” to be more energy efficient when running.  Or, it could be that in playing sports you had a sprain or two.  The list can go on.

Bottom line is that the feet are the first thing to touch the floor and therefore the feet, the ankle and all connecting tissues need attention.

If you would like to squat more load through a big range of motion, having proper ankle mobility is important to that end.

Everyone should stretch the ankles, the calves, and use bands and props to help with the job.

Seek to stay normal or to get back there.






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