Endurance Mindset

cycling snow

The endurance mind-set.

It carries over to more things than just endurance exercise & sports.

Most of the important things in life are not “one-and-done’s” … you don’t just do something once and have great success.  Vice-versa is true too.  A few mess-ups & mistakes on the long journey don’t make or break you or the end result you seek.

If you fall off the path or if you slightly go off course, get back on it and keep trucking.  The ability to keep pressing on time and time again is the endurance mindset.  Aka perseverance.  Determination.  Drive.  Passion…

The thinking that things come quickly with very little effort or investment is what’s called “lottery thinking” and this type of thinking can cause problems with the mental game.  And, if you think this way you will avoid and skip the necessary work that will get you what you seek.

Do things daily that are in line with your goals.

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