3 Myths to Starting an Exercise Program

Lift Bro
3 Myths to getting started with exercise:

1.) Exercise (or the trainer) will kill me.
2.) It’s too hard; I’m too out of shape…(I must get in shape to get in shape)
3.) I have to know too much to start.

All of these reasons are WHY you seek out and pay a professional to take you through a guided workout based specifically on your needs, knowledge, and skill level!

A professional trainer will only give you the amounts of training that your body (and your mind) can presently handle. As you progress forward, then and only then will a trainer of our program challenge you with more.

We start most people who are just beginning and exercise program with just 2 sessions per week for only 30 minutes per session!

Yes, that’s right…30 minute sessions 2 times per week!

We have found that this is all a true beginner needs to start a journey on the right foot.

And, come on, anyone can do that, right?!

Sure, I know what you are thinking…

“I don’t need to pay a trainer to train me, I don’t need to get a gym membership…”  “I can become fit & healthy all by myself.”

Sure, you can watch TV and wait for infomercials to tell you to buy particular exercise gadgets or “machines” to use. Or you can go and buy all sorts of anatomy books, physiology books, exercise books, fitness books, nutrition books. You can do all the research and learn to make the necessary changes yourself.

I too believe that people should know how to eat and exercise to live healthy and productive lives.  But, we don’t!  Most of the time we were never taught the essentials and don’t have the tools and home to get what we need.  In the end and over time we become less active and less fit eating junk food.

Even though people are “working out” more the stats say that we are getting more “un-fit” as a society.

And, like most people today we have a lot to juggle and don’t have the time to invest in learning all of the things we need to to be successful in the areas of proper eating and proper exercise.

This is where we come in.

Instead of getting upset trying to learn everything on your own and doing workouts by yourself.  You can save all the time, effort, money, and headache to have a group of motivated people help you along the way, EVERY step of the way.

We provide you with support, tools, check-ups, check-ins, accountability, progressions, progress reviews, and NEW friends, jokes so on and so forth.

We have set it up to put you on the fast track to success.  We provide you with:
Set times to train…
Routines to follow with workout scenarios, what weights, sets, and reps to do…
Workout partners…
Coach’s on standby to help with form & technique…
Benchmark workouts to test progress…
Social outings, seminars, goal setting events…
Holiday workouts…

The list of things you gain from seeking out professional help and joining a legit gym are endless.

We start most beginners to exercise with 2 sessions per week for only 30 minutes per session!

Anyone can do that, and I believe anyone can afford it!

Lets get you going, today!

Don’t let those 3 myths get in your way!

We are here to help!

All you need to do is send us an email at Info@crossfitbourbonnais.com or give us a call at (270) 978-6650 to set up your first introductory session.

It’s that simple.

We will meet with you, talk about your goals and what you hope to get out of your training and we will go from there.

-CrossFit Bourbonnais

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