Summer Fitness Bootcamp Benefits

I am excited to be offering our first ever Summer Fitness Bootcamp!

What are some of the benefits of THIS Bootcamp based on my style of training?

Well, I am glad you are interested in knowing how I can specifically help you with your health-related goals.

Health, in my mind should be at the top of your priorities list.

Yes, there are other things that should indeed be on that list like focusing time with:

Family, Friends,
your love life,
your community,
giving to the poor,
focusing on your occupation and how you make money,
doing things that make you happy,
trying new things so on and so forth…
…we each have our own lists of things that we prioritize.

But, we could all agree, I hope, that Health absolutely must be a top priority.

Otherwise, what good is it to get a Big Family, to have a nice house with a big income only to die young from bad health?

How then can you help anyone else or even yourself if you are unhealthy with no zest for life?

I’ve seen it all too often that people focus too much time, energy, and attention on other things and then at the end of the day are in poor health which brings with it a lack of motivation, no energy, and a pessimistic view of the world…

Poor health can express itself in a myriad of ways.

By far, in our culture, at the root of our poor health is an imbalance of too much work, not enough sleep, and muscles that do not work right which are being fueled by the wrong foods…

Most of us at one point or another get off track.

We get out of balance.  And, it’s good to check-in time-to-time with a dude like me to hopefully be that “Mid-Course correction” you need to help you get or stay motivated, and back on track, focused on the main things in life that really matter;  and since I’m a health-guru for me I want you to be concerned with you health.

So then, how can this bootcamp help you?

First, I train people Optimally.  This is important because I want to distinguish this type of training from the other extremes…

Which are:

Training minimally.  And, the other Training Maximally.

Both will lead to problems in the long-run.  Both take you further away from a good-level of fitness.  Here’s why.

Training minimally over time will make you weak, immobile, dainty, frail, and miserable and probably will need the help of a device or someone else to help you around.  Activities of daily living become major barriers to living a good life.  You now must rely on others to live.  Going out and having fun, learning new things is hindered because the body cannot handle too much impact or work related things.  You get “winded” easily and can’t stay on your feet for long periods of time and you may even break a bone or fall easily…Instead of becoming stronger, more mobile, more flexible you become weaker and more prone to injury.

Training maximally has similar effect just on the opposite end of the spectrum.  Constant and continual maximal-level of training leaves the body broken down and exhausted.

Usually, if this pattern of work is continued for a long period of time there can be hormonal trouble and exhaustion from the organs and glands.  Men will see a drop in testosterone, women may see hair loss, brittle nails, and menstrual problems.  The body is living tissue and if stressed to the max will do what it needs to do to force you to stop and let it relax.  This usually comes way via and injury whereby you are sidelined for a long period of time.  Overtime, we see things that need surgical attention or the doctors intervention.

Both training minimally and maximally are not good options.

The best way to train then is to train in the sweet-spot…in the zone… which is to train Optimally.

And, if you train optimally never doing too little and not doing too much you will feel invigorated, your body will adjust naturally and you can go forward…onward to a better life the way things are supposed to be.  You will see the change and you will crave the activity.

The organs, the muscles, the tissues all start to adapt and your body learns and senses what if feels like to be healthy.  Now, eating better doesn’t become a chore but something you enjoy doing.

You can move, jump, run, climb, sit, stand, all with no pain or restriction.  You get better energy, more motivation, better sleep, less emotional fluctuations, perform better at work, have a better sex drive so on and so forth.

This is how we train and this is how I encourage all of my clients and members to train.  To train Optimally.

Everything we do stems from this principal…..from the movements we do, the time of the sessions, the amount of sessions in a week, the weight lifted so on and so forth, is all geared by training optimally.

I believe that workouts are like warfare.

You want to live to “fight another day”….and the next day, and the next day, and the next day ad infinitum.

If you do too much, too soon, too fast it may lead to problems where you have to stop and stopping an exercise program is a bad thing.  Especially since we are all bombarded with the Western Diet that will in and of itself make us drop further and further off the path to the good life.

So then, still how can this program help you?

–We help you to train Optimally.  Never doing too little, or too much.

–We keep things challenging yet fun.  We balance work with play.

–We keep classes small so we can optimize the time and transitions so each person gets ample attention.  You get to meet new people and make new friends.  Sometimes, life long bonds are made.

–Through the group we provide the necessary support, accountability, and camaraderie needed to help motivate each person to stay on track.

–We help you to take the thinking out of it because,

–We provide the trainer, the program, the space, the gear, the time, the workout partners, the challenge and all you have to do is show up with a go-getter attitude ready to train…

That is just a short summary of a few of my training philosophies and a few tid-bits off the top of my head to some of the benefits of the program…more to come another time.

et al.

Stay strong,

Click here for the full details of how to sign up, the dates & times etc.


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