Movement Monday: Clusters

Movement Monday:  “Clusters” aka Squat Clean Thrusters.

💥. Main objective is to take bar from the floor, clean it to the shoulders then to execute a Thruster ending with the bar kicked out overhead. Simple enough right?

Well, when you try and string several together you have several options with what to do with the feet.

You can stay narrow, (hip width) or you can stay wide. I don’t recommend either option but prefer moving of the feet from narrow to squat stance in the clean. Then to adjust the feet on one of several ways.

First, you can jump the feet back to hip width as you are exploding up with the load, next you can bring your feet in after you lockout the bar, next you can adjust your feet as the bar is coming down from overhead.

These are demonstrated on the forward angle of the video. What do you do with your feet?


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