Gear for Training…

The overriding philosophy about training gear is to keep it as simple and as minimal as possible.

As far as priorities go, you need to train in clothing that is comfortable to move around in.  Clothing should not be either too small or too big.  We’ve been training people for a long time and can tell you that we have seen it all.  If you need to keep adjusting your attire after every rep that you do while your training then it may be time to get some new outfits.  There are some really great brands out there providing great training attire.  Search around and see what you find.  For some of the best, long-lasting items, Expect to pay $100 for pants, $60 for shorts, $25 for t-shirts.

It doesn’t matter too much if you are wearing denim, cotton, polyester, work clothes ect.  just as long as you are comfortable and can do full range of motion movements.

Sometimes I train in jeans and then other times I train in my plaid shirt.  The code is to be comfy.

AFTER you’ve got a comfy outfit the next thing to think about is what you put or don’t put on your feet.

While training barefoot is great it’s not always the best way to go.  Sometimes the floor pay be too hard to go barefoot, other times the floor may be too cold or you are training in a way where you do need some padding on the foot.  We do though recommend that occasionally you do some things with a barefoot.  This can be done at home where you can control the temp and the floor textures.  You can do this on vacation at the beach ect.  But as long as at some point you do some movements with a barefoot you are good to go.

It’s pretty much assumed though that 99% of the time you will be doing your training with your feet in shoes.

Once again, this is not to be made too complicated.  If you are planning on running as your overall type of training then it’d be important to get a great running shoe.  If you are a cyclist and do a lot of biking around then for you it’d be important to get a great pair of Cycling shoes that you can clip into the pedals.  If you were a hockey player you’d need a great pair of skates…if you liked dancing and wanted to dance for your fitness then you’d need a great dance shoe…so on and so forth.

Those principles then also apply to the gym.  What’s the overall themes that you want to be expressed by your foot where?

Since we have a particular agenda in our style of training we then too have very specific recommendations for the type of shoe(s) you should consider investing in.  And, with that being said, some people even get shoes from multiple brands just to change it up so as to not burn-up the same shoes.

Now, in our training program which is CrossFit, a constantly varied program utilizing everything that’s good.  We want a highly responsive shoe.  We want as minimalist a shoe as possible but not something like a barefoot shoe.  Maybe something with a little more padding on the bottom because we do indeed do a lot of jumping on both a hard rubber surface and on wood boxes.  We do things on 1 foot and also running and weightlifting too.  So the shoe does need a little stiffness but it does also need to be a little flexible.  Most people find with a good training program that their feet expand in the toe box.  This is what you want and it’s what helps with balance and blood flow to the foot.  The last thing you want is a pair of very narrow shoes or ones that have a big heel on them.  First, they act as to tighten up the muscles in and all around the foot and ankle.  Next, you can think of restricted blood flow, and also they make for an unstable platform.

Right now as we speak, Reebok, the title sponsor for CrossFit is getting ready to Release a shoe called the Reebok Nano 8’s.  That means this year will be the 8th year in a row that the company has made shoes specifically with the demands of CrossFit in mind.  These athletes and our clients need to be able to do everything all in one shoe.  Each year they talk to the top athletes and coaches in the sport to continue to refine the shoe.

Beyond Reebok the other top brands that are currently making shoes specific to CrossFit training are Nike who make the Nike Metcons.  No Bull is another brand that makes popular shoes within the CrossFit world.  Prior to the Reebok shoes, other companies like Inov8 made shoes that we loved.  There are other brands that make minimalist training shoes but we can’t vouch for their quality because we haven’t had those shoes.

Beyond your do-it-all training shoes there are a few other instances where we recommend another shoe.  And this is a Weightlifting specific shoe.

Over the years, we have seen just about every brand of weightlifting shoe on the market.  We like the Nike Romaleos and the Reebok Legacy Lifters.  We feel these are multiple-year shoes that are very sturdy and durable.  All other shoes seem to wear out in about a year of moderate use.  These very specific shoes are kind of like a Catcher’s mitt in baseball.  While everyone on a baseball team has a glove…some gloves are slightly different from position to position but none is more different than the catchers gloves.

Each person tends to prefer specific features in their general all-purpose training shoes but when it comes to a specific weightlifting-only shoes there are major differences where the advantages of training for weightlifting in these shoes can’t be overstated.

If you like weightlifting, get a pari of these shoes in addition to your normal ones.

From there you should be set.

There are a few other little pieces of gear that you could get but if you have a great outfit and a great pair of training shoes then the other things will come with time.  Things like:  knee sleeves, athletic tape, and maybe some type of palm guard.

Shoes frowned upon if you wear then when training outside of their respective sports:

–Running shoes

–High heels

–Dirty shoes



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