Several Ways To Get Started:

1.)  15 minute appointment.  Free.  We meet with you at our space to discuss your best option.

2.) 45-60 minute appointment. Free 1-on-1 Intro Workout with a trainer.

3.) FREE Group Class.  Only offered at specific times.

4.) Just Start.  If you have experience with CrossFit or if we decide this is your best option.

5.) 8, 1-on-1 Foundations training sessionsThe people who’ve taken these sessions have the greatest longevity in fitness.  We teach you all of the fundamentals in just 8 sessions prior to starting classes or in conjunction with them.  Just $299.

6.)  30 min or 60 min Personal Training.  A great place to start prior to classes or our Foundations program.

7.) 6-Week Programs or Fitness Class. Great way to jump right in.  They can also serve as a precursor to CrossFit classes.


CrossFit Membership’s range in prices.  Contact us for details.


Cancellation Terms:

*** There are no contracts but members must give an advance notice to cancel their membership.

*** We must be notified at least 5 business days in advance either In person, a phone call, a Text, a Facebook message, or email.

*** If someone fails to give us at least a 5 business day notice you will be billed for the next billing cycle.

Contact Info:  ( (779-701-1591).

To set-up a Free Intro Workout with a CrossFit Trainer please get in touch and we can set this up.

If you would like to try a CrossFit class, a fitness class or personal training session please get in touch.