Personal Training

Would you like to start Personal Training with an experienced trainer to help you meet your goals?

We have a limited number of new client opening for the summer.

New member specials:

$125 — 3 session starter pack (SAVE $80)

During your session(s) with a trainer you will go over the following items:

–A thorough evaluation to include measurements, weight, body fat percentage, lean body mass, body mass index.

— Exercise history, likes/dislikes, interests, goals and what you would hope to accomplish with your time in the gym wheather it’s 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

–The first workout will be based on your current level and ability and whether or not you have already been working out or not.

–We will also go over basic nutrition concepts if you’d like.

Please call or text 779-701-1591.


You also have the option to get in touch by using the form below.