We are Kankakee Counties Premier CrossFit & Co-Ed Fitness  Class Gym

December CrossFit Membership SPECIAL: 

This includes:

2 — private one-on-one “Foundations” Technique Sessions, $80

Monthly Membership:  $97 for the first 3-months -or- $267 for the 3-months in full.    ($287 if paying via Credit / Debit card.)

For our *Fitness Program Details, please scroll down…

Get Started with our CrossFit program Today by taking our Initial 2 to 8 Foundations Technique sessions.  If you have previous exercise experience and have used a barbell in your training you may be good to go after just 2 sessions.  However, 90% of the people we see really need the full 8 sessions to practice technique, learn terminology and to gain a basic understanding of the principles of the program.

After that, our monthly membership fee will vary depending on whether or not you take advantage of one of our Winter / New Year SPECIALS or not.  Our regular pricing is below to give you a general idea of what a monthly plan entails.

Membership Pricing for Unlimited CrossFit training, *no contract*

*To CANCEL or change any membership,

we do ask to give us a 5-BUSINESS DAY, advance notice, in writing. 

$159 — Unlimited Monthly CrossFit Training

*Includes Open Gym Times, Weightlifting Classes, Holiday Classes, however…it excludes our Specialty Programs like Gymnastics, Private Coaching, Massages, Sports Massages, Foundations Training, Personal Training, Nutrition Information

$219 — Couples, Unlimited Monthly CrossFit Training

$1500 — Paid in Full for Unlimited Monthly CrossFit Training (BEST VALUE)

$2500 — Couples, Paid in full for Unlimited Monthly CrossFit Training

*Once paid, the yearly paid in full option is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Fitness Classes:

You can join our fitness program at anytime but we do occasionally offer a 6-week trial program if you’d like to See what we are all about — prior to becoming a member.  The prices VARY depending on the time of the year, but after taking the 6-week program there is no obligation to join.  See our 6-week fitness tab for more details…Link below.

HERE: NEXT 6-Week Fitness Programs

All new members into our fitness program can try it via our                                        WINTER / NEW YEAR SPECIAL that we have going on which is $97 for your first 3-months!  Or you can PAY for 3-months in full for $267 ($90 SAVINGS).

After that 90 day period you can choose from one of our below options:

Fitness Class Pricing:

$89 — 2x per week, *30-minute fitness classes, these are ONLY offered at 5 AM on Tuesday & Thursday mornings.  All other fitness classes are around 60 minuets in duration.

$97 — 2x per week

$119 — Unlimited Fitness Class Training

$179 — Couples, Unlimited Fitness Class Training

$1000 — paid in full for the year, Unlimited Fitness Training

$1900 — paid in full for the year, “Couples” Unlimited Fitness Training

Accessory Program:

Once someone is a member, we do offer accessory-type program where we can work on personal training, technique sessions, goal-setting, basic life coaching principles, nutrition and the like.  This monthly varies but is generally only a small amount more than the monthly membership fee.

Please inquire for more details.

Member Massage Program:

(Anyone who joins Our CrossFit program by going through our Foundations sessions will get the Initial Soft-Tissue massage Evaluation as well as a 1-Hour massage included in the Foundations program.)

Pay for services independently or buy in bulk and save.

$75 — Initial Evaluation & consultation

$65 — 1-Hour massage

$45 — 1/2 Hour massage

$30 — 1/4 Hour massage

$125 — New Client Special for 3, 1-Hour massages

$850 — 20, 1-Hour massages

$500 — 10, 1-Hour massages

$175 — 3, 1-Hour massages

***All other packages and Recurring weekly and / or monthly massages are developed on a case by case basis.

***Massages can be “gifted” or used between several family members.  However, each new person getting a massage must first go through the initial Evaluation.

Membership Cancellation Policy:

— Five business day advance notice of all membership changes or stoppages.

–If you give less than a 5-day notice you will be charged for the next billing cycle.

–If you plan on stopping your membership, please let us know ASAP.  Generally we like to know well in advance like 15-30 days prior to the stoppage date.