Free Classes for March

Free Classes for March!

Here are a few times during the month
of March where you can come in and
Try a Free class, no strings attached!
Tuesday, March 6th 
5:00 AM (30 minutes)
5:30 AM
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
7:00 PM

Thursday, March 15h
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
7:00 PM
— These classes will be designed and coached
with the understanding that there will be guests in
— That just means, Challenging, but not crazy 😉
— We have a passion for all things health & fitness
and we love the opportunity to share that with
as many new people in the area as possible!
— During class, it’s a great time to meet some cool new people
and to try our specific style of training.
— All we ask is that you show up a little early,
that you bring a change of shoes… just different ones than you wear to the gym
and that you fill out our waiver.
— TEXT me and let me know that you are interested in coming at 779-701-1591 and I will send you our Waiver.
— From there, when you arrive, just be in the moment and have a good time!
— We do our best to make each class educational, fun, and entertaining…
If you have any questions whatsoever,
Please reach out,
Text or Call me at
My name is David BTW 🙂