Start Here

So you are looking to get started ‘eh?

Well, we can help with that.

What we need to know is where you are at… Are you just getting started or do you currently workout?  Do you have an exercise & athletic background, maybe even CrossFit, powerlifting, or Weightlifting experience?

Once we know your background, your needs, and your goals then we can give you a better idea of the best way to get started.  From there, it’s always best for you to come in and let us see you move around and to workout.

You can go about this several ways:

First, you can attend our Free Intro Session or you can come to one of our free classes.

From there, 90% of people take our 8 Foundations sessions.  These are 1-on-1 technique sessions that you complete with a Coach between 2-4 times per week over the course of 2-4 weeks.  You set up a time that works best for your schedule.  During these sessions we go over all of the basics.  We teach you the movements, the techniques, and go over all of the basics to how we do things.  This way, when you attend classes you can better optimize your time.

These sessions are $299 paid in full for the 8 sessions.

Once these are completed then you would be ready to attend any of our CrossFit classes.

Please get in touch to let us know your background and to set-up your free intro session.