It’s that time of year…

It’s that time of year… You know… When a lot of people are putting up lights and decorations, when a lot of families gather together, a time when you see people you may not have seen in a long time, and a time when you might even meet some cool new friends. The time of…

Free Friday

Try a Free class with us this Friday 😁… it’ll be fun! 2 things to get you set-up… Fill out our waiver here: Sign Waiver Then, bring with you a clean pair of shoes to workout in. 1635 A Commerce Drive Bourbonnais, IL 60914 The fitness district of Kankakee County.

New Year 2018 Offerings

Hi guys and Gals! Checkout all of the different options we have for this up & coming new year! We will now be offering different levels of Membership based on the # of times you intend to train per week and this is to include the option to Pay for the Year in full and…

Movement Monday: Renegade Row

Monday, 06 November 2017 Alternating Renegade Row.   “Alternating” because for these, we want to see a changing of sides every rep to distinguish between doing multiple reps on the same side. Aloha

Movement Monday: Clusters

Movement Monday:  “Clusters” aka Squat Clean Thrusters. 💥. Main objective is to take bar from the floor, clean it to the shoulders then to execute a Thruster ending with the bar kicked out overhead. Simple enough right? Well, when you try and string several together you have several options with what to do with the…


“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” -Mike Murdock

Partner Workout

Tonight we had a great partner workout … 3 Rounds For time of: 15 — Burpees 30 — calories Rower *Only 1 person working at a time, Tag Team Style. These two did really well!  And Dana had some great technique  🙂

Free Class Friday!

Try a Free CrossFit class for Friday, October 27th, 2017! We’d love to have you stop in! Classes you are welcome to try for the day will be 5 AM and 5 PM… Just show up a little early to fill out a waiver and bring a change-of-shoes! We are located at 1635 A Commerce…

Thursday Morning Workout

20:00 Alternating EMOM: 8–Cals Rower 8–DB Push Press … 8–Wall Ball Shots •First Minute do 8 cals Row and 8 Push Press. Second minute do 8 Wall ball shots. At the third minute you go back to 8 cals Row and 8 Push Press  

Warm-Up Wednesday Demo

Here is a demo warm-up that is simple yet effective and can be completed anywhere. Each Minute on the Minute For 5:00 Perform: 5 — Straddle & Down the Middle Ab Mat Sit-Ups 5 — Plank from Hands to Forearms 10 — Mountain Climbers  

Guys Only

  We offer guys-only classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:30 AM.  Join us for a FREE class!

Movement Monday: Push-Up Types…

Instead of doing hundreds of the same type of push-up… What we recommend is that once you show competency with 10 reps then it’s time to move on to a New type.  So on and so forth. Happy Monday 😉 –David Push-Ups Demonstrated: –Regular –Clapping –In & Out –Elevated or Decline on 12″ –Diamond –Archer…